RS Logistics S.Rożeński, M.Sitarz Sp. J.
- complex transport solutions


Don't waste your time! We do the maths, we adivse and personalize our service for you. Simple procedures and quick reaction to your needs will guarantee that your valuable time is saved.

Don't overpay! We do not charge you for transport both ways. We organize groupage transports to limit your costs and maintain the fastest delivery time at the same time. Choose the best service quality and professional treatment! We offer you a dedicated forwarder, direct telephone contact, always reliable and professional service.

We are a versatile and experienced transport and forwarding company. We offer complex transport services such as international and domestic transport and warehouse logistics.:



RS Logistics gurantees you reliability and the best quality of service

 The experience we gained so far helps us to set up priorities which are our quality features:

  • individual treatment of each client in order to be flexible to your needs
  • complex service from our forwarders at each stage of forwarding process (price offer, forwarding guidance, transport organization, invoicing, documentation)
  • immediate response to your transport offers
  • direct contact with our forwarders 7 days a week


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