Below are listed the most frequently asked questions and the answers we provided

The procedures are simple. You need to fill in the transport order and send it back to us via fax or email. Contact.

If you decide to do transport with us, you pay for transport only one way. Thanks to the vast fleet at our disposal we can offer you trucks located near your loading point so you avoid costs of paying for extra kilometers.

Of course. Each truck transporting your goods is secured with Carrier's Liability. Moreover, at your request we can buy out additional CARGO insurance.


The most comfortable way is to use our form in the Contact section where you are guided step by step. If you prefer to create your own request, please include the following information:

a) loading and unloading place
b) goods parameters (quantity, dimensions, weight)
c) dates of loading and unloading
d) additional requirements, e.g. loading from the side, truck equipped with a lift or a pallet truck, loading by a crane etc

We are a legally operating and tax paying company. For each service we issue a VAT invoice which can be paid by wire transfer so there is no need to give the driver any cash.

We organize domestic as well as international transport in the whole Europe. We also provide warehousing services. For further details go to the Offer section.

As we mentioned earlier, each transport is insured. In case of damage (which happen rarely), please follow these steps:

a) inform the dedicated forwarder
b) prepare a damage protocol in which you describe the damaged goods in detail
c) prepare photographic documentation
d) include a note in the CMR that the goods are damaged and the damage protocol has been prepared

All the steps have to be taken immediately. Otherwise, it may be difficult to prove the damage in transport to the insurance company. In case of hidden damage which happened during transport, there are 7 days to report the damage. Our employees are to help you with all the formalities.


There is no need to pay for a full truck when you have little goods to send. Our employees always try to optimize your costs and consolidate smaller loadings. As a result, you can pay less. Our goal is to prepare a relatively cheap offer so that in combination with our professional advisory our services can be recommended in the future.

As we cooperate with a great number of subcontractors, we offer a wide variety of fleet: small trucks which can transport a few pallets, total weight up to 1,5t, trucks which transport ca. 18 pallets, total weight up to 7-8t, 13,6m trucks which transport 33 pallets, total weight up to 24t and specialistic trucks which transport goods of irregular dimensions and weight. Our employess will help to choose means of transport suitable for your needs.

Our employees can provide you with information about whereabouts of your goods at each point of transport. At your request we can provide a direct telephone number to the driver.

Yes, we organize customs clearances and transit.

The ADR abbreviation stands for transport of hazardous materials which can pose threat to health or the environment. The ADR regulates the rules and conditions of such transports in order to ensure maximum safety.

This is a truck which is used to transport goods in controlled temperatures. It makes possible to transport frozen goods in summer and fresh fruit in winter.

Full truck (usually referred to as FTL) can take 33 euro pallets which have a 120x80cm base.

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